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Adelaide Autosales is a family owned & operated business, with 40+ years in the automotive industry.

We have quality cars to suit a wide range of budgets. View all our cars under cover. Buy with confidence, read our reviews on Facebook and Google.




Adelaide Autosales are pleased to offer the following warranty and roadside assistance with your vehicle purchase.

We make it simple to buy the best extended used car warranty tailored to your individual needs. With numerous choices priced to fit virtually any budget, we can provide the coverage you want at a price you can afford.





At Adelaide Autosales, we invest in an exceptional financial advisor who is fully trained to match the right finance package to the right customer.

Finance options can be daunting. Do you choose low interest, long term, short term, buy back or deferred payments. We understand that some payment plans and deals from other dealerships may look a little too good to be true.



  • First class treatment

    This is my second car I bought in Australia, and also the second car I bought from Eddie.

    I’ve found them through a car ad online. I live in the south and their car yard is in the north, but the first deal left me with such a good impression that I revisited when I was in need of my second car. This time, I just called Eddie straight. It was right decision, he helped me with first-class treatment through the complicated process of loan, and as soon as it was approved, an ideal car came into his inbox.

    When I visited the car yard I saw his business flourishing and has grown, a lot more than what I knew two years ago.

    Somehow I knew they would do really well. It’s one of the best family business practice I’ve ever seen.

    If you go to their car yard you can feel their love for the car and good pride for the way they do business. Those, I consider one of the best things we can find in Australia.

    Kaori Hilton
  • Good Quality Car

    The whole experience at Adelaide Autosales was smooth from start to finish. Car warehouse was spick and span, cars are washed every 2 days. From this one can gather that things are kept neat and tidy. Eddie was also very nice, ensuring not only great customer service, but also a good quality car given his background as a mechanic. Overall, I would recommend this car dealership.

    Ivy Ang
  • Car within budget

    Good service and guidance in buying a Car within budget.

    Santhosh Kumar
  • Good car, Good services

    Eddie is very nice. Good car, Good services.

    I didn’t know much about car, but I could trust Eddie’s team.

    Lin Yi
  • Stress free and enjoyable!

    Melvin's generosity and advice made my first car purchase stress free and enjoyable!

  • Highly recommend

    I dealt with Melvin for the purchase of a used car for my daughter. Found open and honest in discussion and would highly recommend.

    Brett Glover